Rail Freight OUR MISSION

Our mission is simple. Provide our customers with the options which brings them success. We feel our prosperity is in direct correlation with our shippers. Your customer’s needs are our needs. Our job is to make your job easier, plain and simple.

We consider ourselves more than a provider. By sharing our knowledge from nearly 30 years of experience, you might consider the us ‘transportation consultants’.

Should your shipment go over the road, or do we have enough time to go intermodel. Maybe your freight needs to ‘load to ride’,avoiding the damage of trans-loading. Possibly the shipment is time sensitive, or maybe just the best possible cost is needed. These are the options we give to you, making yours an informed decision for success.

We run a lean company with less overhead. This creates the flexibility that other providers don’t have. We will bring the options you need to meet the success your business deserves.


Peach Tree Transportation is a poster child of deregulation. Joseph Kane had an extensive career in transportation, working for companies such as BE-MAC, Middlewest Freightways and others. This is where he developed his following or customer base.

Founded in 1985, Joe Kane had a vision that he believed would benefit his customer’s loyalty. It was obvious to him in the early 1980’s that transportation was going to change. De-regulation would provide great opportunities for a Transportation Broker to provide great service along with cost savings. Peach Tree prospered by being a 24/7 operation before it was fashionable. The company would go to any length to get the job done. Freight brokerage and Intermodel service would clearly be the wave of the future.

The age old question of why the name “Peach Tree”? As it can only be answered by one man, as Joe put it, ”To me the name denotes freshness, vitality, openness”. This can be translated into providing our customers with a fresh look at their transportation needs.

From the outset Joseph put on his nephew Michael Nicholson to run the operations. A family business began then, and continues to this day. Today, three generations are now employed. In 2007 the company started making a transformation. As the business grew, Thomas Kane took over as the Operations Manager in 2009.

In 2008 Joseph retired, having built a successful brokerage that survived the two big shake-ups in the transportation industry. Peach Tree has grown and prospered, while others have failed. The list of truck lines and brokers who have come and gone in our time is long and varied. Peach Tree’s simple business model seems to be a standard that stands the test of time. Our customer’s loyalty is our best testimonial.

To guide the company’s future is Mike Nicholson. He has been with the company from its inception. He emulates the teaching and principles that Joseph established with him. Their partnership had succeeded for well over twenty years. Coming up through the ranks of operations and then sales provides Mike with a broad perspective. His thoughts are always, “ What is the best option for our customer”.

Peach Tree has always been a family operation and continues that tradition to this day . We all feel that our customers are a big part of this same family.

As Peach Tree continues to grow, we still believe in the founding vision. Great service with cost saving, We are approaching 30 years of service in the next year. That is something we are very proud of. Through the years the industry has always tried to rebrand itself, from Transportation Brokerage to Logistic Companies, to 3PL’s and so on. We look forward to meeting the challenges and changes that are sure to come in the ever changing world of transportation .