Rail Freight

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Peachtree has helped me several times over the last decade or more, and I would like to thank Mike for his hands on ways. Always a quick response, always an honest answer, always an excellent, fair price. Thank you for your many years of great service Peachtree Mike, we at Lutz Corporation are counting on you for many more! Jim Lutz

Peach Tree has serviced Arrow Plastic Mfg for the entire 28 years they've been in business. Over the years we've tried like heck to see if anyone could displace them. Nobody has come close to beating their rates and service on a routine basis. Yeah you may get the occasional carrier to give you a spot quote that might be cheaper and I assure you the service you get won't be the same as with Peach Tree. Peach Tree has met our expectations year after year with price and service. For our little mfg. company it's all about service first and for me that's where they have always excelled. Thanks Mike for all you do for Arrow Plastic/Illinois Bottle Mfg. Co. Inc. Victor R. Romano